Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kroger 2/26/09

Kroger in Ashland, Ky. didn't have a single smartsource machine stocked! I was only able to grab 2 coupons for Goodnites Underwear. WTF??? Oh well, thank goodness I already had a bunch!

There were 2 older ladies shopping, they gave me 2 coupons mailed from Kroger. One for a free carton of Kroger brand large eggs. She said she only buys Jumbo (umm yeah, okay, I'll take a FREE carton of large eggs). She also gave me a coupon for a free box of Eggo waffles. Yeah, I'll take those too! She said she would just throw the coupon away if I didn't take it. I don't understand the logic of this but am really thankful for the coupons! I wish Kroger would hurry and mail me some coupons! I signed up back in November!

Anyways I bought: Don't forget Kroger doubles coupons $0.50 & under. My total includes this

5 Pillsbury Biscuits and Cinnamon rolls. $1 each. Used $0.50 off ecoupon here and (3) $0.40 off Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls and (2) $0.30 off Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls. Total $1.10 & received $3 catalina. Total PROFIT $1.90

1 Toaster Streudel $2. Used $0.50 ecoupon here and $0.35 off from S.S. insert. Total $0.80

1 Marie Callendar's frozen Dinner $2. Used $0.50 off coupon they mailed me. Total $1

2 Kraft Singles (16oz.) $2 each. Used $0.75 peelie from s.s. machine. Total $1.25 each

1 Kraft Sharp Cheddar Bar Cheese (16oz.) $2. Used (1) $0.75 off peelie from s.s. machine. Total $1.25

1 Betty Crocker Potatoes Pouch $1. Used $0.40 ecoupon here and $0.40 printable here. Total profit $0.20

3 (1 lb. each) boxes of Naturally Preferred Sweet Cream Butter clearanced at $1 each. Real butter for $1 a pound! I woulda bought more but I got all they had! Look for these in the organic produce section.

3 Healthy Ones Lunch Meat Clearanced from $3.49 to $1.67 each. Used (3) $0.75 off from insert. Total $0.92 each

2 Totinos Pizza Rolls $1 each. Used (2) $0.35 off from insert. Total $0.30 each

1 Dozen Kroger Large Eggs $1.59. Total FREE

2 Ocean Spray Juices $1.98. Used (2) $1 off from insert. Total $0.98 each

1 Box Eggo Waffles $2.16. Total FREE

2 Secret Deodorants $2.59 each. Used (2) $2 off Secret Flawless from P&G insert. Total $0.59 each

2 Suave Bodywash $1.67 each. Used (2) $0.50 off Suave Bodywash from insert. Total $0.67 each

3 Johnson's Buddies Soaps. Used $3/3 catalina. Total FREE

Before coupons total $46.33, after coupons $24.02.

Cats I received, $2 off any Swiffer Dust & Shine Spray, $3 off my next order (courtesy of Pillsbury), $1 off Smart Balance butter & $3/3 Johnson's.

Sorry, I will no longer be listing which inserts the coupons came from. I had to revamp my coupon system, as I litterally have thousands. I will tell however, which source the coupon came from. Whether it be mailed, s.s. machine, peelie or insert.

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