Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 Easy Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer took my MIL a little more than a year ago. She was 55 years old, no history of cancer in her family and never smoked a cigarette in her life. She had an aggressive form that even with treatment she was given 2 years. The cancer spread from her breast to her lungs almost immediately. By the time the doctors said they could do no more the cancer was in her brain, spleen, liver and lungs also. Until that time I personally did not know anyone who had breast cancer, much less die from it.

I read an article in Woman's World Magazine I would like to share called 6 easy ways to Prevent Breast Cancer.

1) Soak Up Vitamin D By Stepping Outdoors
Getting 1,000 mg. daily of vitamin D can slash breast cancer risk by 30% - and sunlight helps your body make what it needs. Aim to spend at least 15 minutes outside each day, even in winter months.

Keep Estrogen In Check By Walking
Exercising just 30 minutes a day is study-proven to cut your risk 50% by correcting cancer-triggering hormonal imbalances.

Halve Your Risk With Sweet Potatoes
Having high amounts of carotenoids in your bloodstream can make you half as likely to develop breast cancer! Find them in orange, yellow and red produce.

Use Fat To Your Advantage
Women who consume 10g. daily of healthy monosaturated fatty acids from olive or peanut oil, nuts and avocados absorb more protective nutrients!

Stop Cell Changes With Wine
Sipping one glass-no more!- of red wine daily helps stop cancerous changes in breast cells. Drinking more than that, however, can elevate your risk.

Cut Your Risk By Cutting Out Soda
Calorie-laden sodas are a major contributor to weight gain in this country and carrying an extra 40 pounds doubles your risk of breast cancer, says doctors at the University of North Carolina. The reason: Extra fat makes more estrogen, a hormone that can fuel the development of abnormal cells.

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