Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today Show 11/25/08

While I was at work yesterday I caught a couple of bits of the Today Show. 2 clips that really caught my attention were 1) the news segment when they showed President Bush talking about his credit crisis bail out plan and 2) the segment where they were showing how much money the celebs raked in.

1) I am no financial expert but the segment on the Today Show about Bush's bail out plan astounded me. From what I gather the Bush administration is going to lower interest rates and make credit cards and loans easier to obtain. Who does this help I ask? Big business right? There certainly can be no long term gain for the consumer! Are they going to offer some kind of financial bail out for the general population when they lose their jobs and cannot pay off this new found golden credit? Are they going to teach the younger generation how to use credit wisely? Ofcourse not, when have they ever? Just say NO to this bail out plan and don't get anymore credit! If you could not afford it without a loan and you were living without it, chances are you don't need it or can't afford it anyways!

2) The second segment that got me out of whack yesterday was the one where Al Roker and some celebrity expert were talking about how much money celebs were raking in and Al Roker made several comments "they won't be clipping coupons anytime soon". I don't know if I was offended or felt pity for such a comment. The more I examine the statement the more confounded I feel. Would I clip coupons if I didn't have to? I don't have to now. so, yes I would. I feel accomplished when I save hundreds of dollars. I especially feel good when I drop off 2 or 3 boxes of food and toiletries to the local food bank or give food to my elderly neighbor. Somehow I doubt any of these non coupon clipping rich folk have ever made up a gift basket and dropped it off to a person in need or a foodbank, unless it had some kind of publicity attatched to it. What a waste!
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