Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Make $2 on Crest ProHealth Toothpaste

I wasn't super impressed with CVS this week. They had some okay deals but not on anything I needed or wanted to stock up on. The only thing I shopped for today was the Crest ProHealth Whitening Toothpaste at CVS.

~ Buy 2 Crest Prohealth Whitening Toothpastes @ $3.49 = $6.98 and use 2 $1 off printables here and your total will be $4.98 (use last weeks ECBs to pay if you have any, if you are new to ECBs you can read more on CVS here #4). Anyways so your total is $4.98 but they will give you back $6.98 in ECB's!! Thats 2 free tubes + $2 profit!
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