Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foodfair & CVS Deals 11/09/08

I was out of milk so, I decided to run to the local grocers and use a $5 GC I received for a donation to a church. I also stopped by CVS.


2 'Ol folks sausage $1.99 each. I bought 2 and used 2 $0.35 off any 'Ol Folks Sausage Roll from insert. Foodfair doubles coupons automatically.

1 Gallon Bordens Milk $3.29

2 Fast Shake Pancake mixes $0.69 each. I used 2 $0.55 off any size fast shake coupons they mailed me.

I used the $5 GC to pay with and my total OOP was $1.15


Loreal Revitalift Antiwrinkle Serum $11.99

Garnier Shampoo $2.99

Gum $0.48 (filler)

I wanted to get the Kids Listerine but they didn't have any :( so, I will wait and see if I can get it at the Ceredo store, if not, I will ask for a raincheck.

I used $14 in ECBs from a couple of weeks ago and my total OOP was $0.09 for tax!! And it printed out another $14 in ECBs !!!!

I spent $1.24 for a gallon of milk, 2 lbs. sausage, 2 Fast shake Pancake mixes, Loreal Serum, Garnier Shampoo and a pack of gum!!!
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