Friday, March 26, 2010

Leave a Comment Please

I have received a couple emails that people are not able to leave comments. From what I am gathering this has been going on for several days. I thought you were just ignoring me...LOL

Do me a favor and leave a comment again. Only this time, if it doesn't show in the comments section hit the "Publish Comment" two or three times and see if it shows.

Also, if you are here through go straight to and try to leave a comment that way.

I'm working on it. It may take me another day or so b/c I will have to sweet talk my man into taking a chunk out of his sleep to figure out what is going on, if I can't figure it out myself and so far I am only succeeding in raising my blood pressure..LOL. I did go for a walk though, that definitely cooled me down a bit.

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