Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandview Grocery Outlet

Most of us know about the Grandview Weekend Outlets, where you can scour for a bargain on all sorts of things. Kinda like a flea marketers dream!

Well, now they have opened a Grocery Outlet. I killed a few minutes before getting Evan off the bus today, just to comparison shop. A few things I noticed is that they are 95% name brand and cheaper than the grocery store with alot of variety and sections.

A few bargains (not as good as we can get with coupons) I noticed were Propel priced at $0.59, Gatorade 32. oz. for $0.59 also and the 64 oz. size was $0.99. Kelloggs cereals were $1.50 each and they had Mountain Dew Ultra Violet 20 oz. 4/$1. Deer Park & Nestle Bottled water for $0.15 each !!

McCormicks spices were $0.50 each and the McCormicks Sauce envelopes (ie. Hollandaise Sauce) just $0.29 each.

They had a health care section and tons of candy & chocolates. I bought Wonka Gummies for $0.39 each. My only purchase but will check in often!

Operating hours are Thursday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I can guarantee they are limited to what they have in stock. Don't expect to get the same items each time. They are a closeout store, just like Big Lots.

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