Friday, February 5, 2010

BEWARE : Westmoreland Foodland

I don't shop at Foodland. The only thing I have ever purchased there were the ICF chicken breasts. I do however venture into their store on occassion and grab an ad and see what, if anything, is worth my attention. I don't really care for the non cleanliness of the store and I wouldn't dare EVER buy anything from their deli. If it looks dirty on the outside, can you imagine what the preparation area looks like? Yuck!

My neighbor came over this evening because she locked herself out of the house. She just so happens to work at this particular Foodland and I have seen her there a couple of times.

I had a question for her. I had heard a rumor that Foodland doubles coupons $0.55 and under. She confirmed this but also proceeded to tell me why she wishes she could find another job.

She told me that Tuesday is senior discount day (10%). She said a majority of the cashiers will ring up your total, tell you the amount and after they collect your money, hit the senoir discount button. Ofcourse pocketing their tidy little profit. She told me one girl (her name was NIKKI) had the audacity to brag about loving Tuesdays and she even pocketed $400 once.

She also told me that sometimes the cashiers will add a little extra "cash back" when people do electronic checks. Again, pocketing the money.

She even told me that sometimes one of the managers will do a cash pull, pocket some of the money and just edit the register so it doesn't come up short.


Some people are outright oxygen thieves! Ofcourse it isn't right to rip off the company you work for but whatever. Stealing from innocent parties is a whole other ball game. Those little old ladies shop in that skank store on Tuesdays specifically thinking they received a discount, when what they really got was a swift kick in the butt and no one is the wiser unless they pay close attention.

I am so disgusted I am beyond words.

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